Our Story

Hello! My name is Dr. Ann, the creator of Happi Hippo Plant Organics, an eco-friendly vegan dental and body care company.

As a Dentist, I have a passion to contribute to the overall health and wellness of others. The story begins in 2020 when I developed a painful rash around my mouth and consulted a dermatologist. After several weeks of using medications without success, it turned out that my rash was due to an allergic reaction to one of my lip balms. Unfortunately, with such an extensive ingredient list, I could not pinpoint which ingredient was causing these embarrassing and painful sores. I began making my own plant-based lip balms with high-quality, minimal ingredients. My skin cleared up! I continued experimenting and making other personal care products at home.

Around that same time, my sister got laid off. I wanted to help. The combination of my holistic plant-based lifestyle, dental background, deep respect for life, and drive to help create jobs is how Happi Hippo Plant Organics was born.

Our Motto

“For a happi you and a happi planet!”

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What is a Happi Hippo?

I have always been fascinated with hippos and I think they are pretty cute! As cute as they are, don’t let that fool you! They are normally peaceful. They are also very strong, surprisingly fast, and can be quite aggressive, especially when they feel threatened. While they look like large beasts with gigantic teeth, they do not eat meat. They are herbivores by nature.

Our herbivorous hippo represents our plant-based, vegan products. Our hippo is “happi”, because our Happi Hippo Plant Organics ingredients, products, and packaging are each thoughtfully selected and put together to be simple, clean, sustainable, and eco friendly. We also want to make sure to give back to replenish the planet by planting trees with a percentage of our proceeds. Our goal is a happi you and a happi planet!