Our mission

We are passionate about contributing towards overall wellness in people, animals, as well as the planet. We partner with manufacturers and suppliers who are also environmentally-focused and do not test on animals. We only use sustainable and high quality ingredients. Not only will you find our ingredients and products plant-based and biodegradable, but you will also find that our packaging is also plant-based, biodegradable, compostable, and eco-friendly!

Each Order Gives Back to Help Reforestation

We are committed to building a business that is responsible in giving highest regards to not only people, but also to animals and to our planet. That is why we have partnered with OneTreePlanted.org.

When you choose Hippotanicals, you are helping to fight against climate change, help prevent soil erosion, contribute to cleaner air, and restore habitats for wildlife. With each order, a portion supports OneTreePlanted.org to help replenish our trees all over the world!